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Hiring Tips

Welcome to 2021, the year of the candidate (and no, we do not mean the Canadian election). With 2020 being a year of extensive lay-offs due to the pandemic, it might have come as a surprise how difficult it is to find the right candidate this year. But with the economy bouncing back as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, we are seeing an influx in available jobs — more so than there are available candidates.

According to a Global News article, Economics Professor at the University of Waterloo, Mikal Skuterud, says that “there are more job postings available … than there…

Artificial Intelligence

You have probably heard the terms ‘Machine Learning’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ thrown around in recent years. Perhaps you have been left intimidated with complicated literature describing the concept of using computers to make decisions, however, we’re here to disseminate these hesitations.

Machine learning may be complicated, but it’s not as complicated to explain as much as you might imagine. machine learning as a branch of artificial intelligence where we use data and algorithms to train AI to think the way we do, all with the purpose of improving accuracy. …

Diversity and Inclusion

Now, more than ever, we need to commit to doing better. With the discovery of more than 1000 unmarked graves at former residential schools, of which many closed only in the last 30 years, it’s impossible to not consider the sociological impacts residential schools have played on Indigenous peoples to present day.

You might have been aware — or not — of the existence of residential schools prior to the recent news. …

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

What are your assessment practices saying about your commitment to inclusive experiences for black candidates? A study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) illustrates the current snapshot for black job seekers in Canada as such:

  • Black candidates are 30% less likely to be in candidate pools within their networks;
  • Black candidates are three times less likely to get callbacks from Black-sounding resumés vs white;
  • Black candidates receive an 11% higher assessment of discrimination in hiring vs the US;
  • 65% of qualified Black candidates will be screened out due to unnecessary credentialism; and,
  • Black leaders hold less than 1% of executive…

Diversity hiring

Imagine that companies promoted DEI initiatives to make diversity a given within the employment lifecycle. This corporate culture embeds itself within the moral fabric of the enterprise.

The way to help everyone is to pay close attention to and monitor their behavior at work. Why? So you can identify and provide improvement strategies to the employee.

Why do DEI Initiatives Fail?

The reality is you cannot do this with humans. The system for helping diversity through its journey is a broken one, where not everyone can get the attention they require to show their job readiness and get the feedback they need.

Human Resources and…

Discrimination in Hiring

Nowadays video technology impacts our lives more than ever, making communication with friends and family as well as collaboration with colleagues possible, while staying at home. Video conferencing is an important component of our day-to-day work during Covid-19, and it is also a great way to interview and hire new employees remotely. Moreover, it helps to find top talent and hire more diverse teams that show better performance and increase business revenue.

The majority of organizations are actively looking for new hiring solutions that help to diminish bias from the recruiting process and improve diversity while hiring remotely. …

Video Interviewing

Video interviewing is one of the most popular ways to conduct job interviews. The demand for video interviewing software has risen dramatically over the last year due to Covid-19 and transition to remote hiring. So what exactly is a video interview? Why do talent acquisition teams need to implement the video interviewing tool asap? And finally, how do candidates react to the use of video interviews?

What is a video interview?

Video interview makes the hiring process quick and easy by helping TA teams to hire top talent with the usage of modern HR technology. While some companies are still using free video tools, the…

Candidate Experience

The candidate experience is what recruiters in the human capital market value most. It is how recruiters build relationships with top-performing candidates and sell their organization during the hiring process.

Recruiters do their best to give prospective candidates a glimpse of what it will be like to work for their company and establish a great first impression of themselves. This is how companies lure talent away from their competitors — the better the experience and the more streamlined the process, the higher the chance of bringing in top talent faster.

Lengthy phone job interviews and survey type questions used to…

Video Interview Software

Video job interviews became popular over the years because of all the benefits they bring to both hiring teams and candidates. They are usually part of the initial stages of screening candidates and help to quickly and easily identify the best talent so you can spend more time with your top candidates.

Video interview software is even more trendy nowadays since more and more organizations are looking for ways to conduct job interviews remotely. …

Video Interview

Did you know that 86% of Organizations Are Conducting Virtual Interviews to Hire Candidates During Coronavirus Pandemic? Video-based assessments make it possible to overcome challenges of distance, conduct remote interviews and make hiring more efficient.

But how does hiring with video technology feel from a candidate’s perspective? Since the applicant’s experience is an integral component of the hiring process, it is important to know if they feel like the experience is a good one.

Do video interviews help the candidate experience?

Knockri’s data shows that the answer is a resounding yes.

“Almost 80 percent of applicants give 5 star ratings and provide excellent reviews after completing video-based…


Knockri is an A.I. skills-based assessment tool that reduces bias and scientifically shortlists top performing candidates to interview.

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